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Hi all,
Thanks for visiting! I'm so excited to tell you that the new Whatever After will be in stores on November 25th! Abby and Jonah fall into the story of The Snow Queen! (Yup, the same fairy tale that inspired the movie FROZEN!) Get ready for Whatever After #6: COLD AS ICE!

Do you want a signed copy for the holidays? If so, I have great news. If you a preorder a copy from these 4 bookstores: Blue Willow, Books of Wonder, Children's Book World or Little Shop of Stories, they will send you the book with a PERSONALIZED bookplate inside. Meaning I will write something along the lines of, Dear Chloe, la la la la la la. Love Sarah Mlynowski. Except it won't be la la la la la because that is not something I would ever write in one of my books. You can call the stores to order or order online. They all ship so you don't have to live in Houston/NYC/Philidelphia/Atlanta to take part. How's that for a Christmas/Hanukkah present? 

Oh! Also: Whatever After #4: DREAM ON is now out in paperback! And: You can now find Whatever After #1 and #2 at Target. And: If you live in NY, Virginia, Maryland or NJ I might be in your neighborbood in Novemeber or December. See my events page for details. Happy reading!



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